A book exploring how success is influenced by mindset
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Mayara Barros
Mayara Barros stacked Mindset
Product Operations @QuintoAndar, trying to deal with the ...
Understanding the whole duality of fixed vs growth mindset and the tools to move yourself from one to the other was very much life changing for me. It can also be applied in so many contexts, that I keep coming back to it over the years.
Dilpreet Singh
Dilpreet Singh stacked Mindset
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A great book about psychology & growth mindset.
Nikki Papp
Nikki Papp stacked Mindset
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Explained fixed mind set versus growth. Game changer!
Abhishek stacked Mindset
On a path to solve one of the major global issues. Obsess...
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JoeFan stacked Mindset
Just me.
Helps me think things through.
Abadesi stacked Mindset
📘Author, Dream Big. Hustle Hard: The Millennial Woman's G...
A book that will re-wire your brain to stop limiting beliefs impacting your work.
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