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PeytonĀ stackedĀ MindNode
šŸš€ Brand Journalist & Creative Strategist. I help clients...
Tiny mind maps.
Andrew Mason
Andrew MasonĀ stackedĀ MindNode
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
Easy to create mind maps with great iOS experience as well.
iOS Tech Tips
iOS Tech TipsĀ stackedĀ MindNode
A social media dedicated to helping people optimize their...
It is simply the best mind map app anywhere. It is incredibly powerful and even in its free version is quite useful.
AlexĀ stackedĀ MindNode
Italian Tech YouTuber. Apple User and Fanboy. Graphic Des...
Best way to mindmap things.
Jess Gregson
Jess GregsonĀ stackedĀ MindNode
Partner at Subsector, an innovation consultancy. Originat...
Brilliant for getting thoughts together and making connected meeting notes
julia fine
julia fineĀ stackedĀ MindNode
the road to hell is paved with pomodoros
Great mindmapping tool
Peter Boden
Peter BodenĀ stackedĀ MindNode
I'm a mobile developer and family man.
Great mind mapping tool
WarfaĀ stackedĀ MindNode
Great, mind-mapping tool. Great for papers helped me write my Thesis for grad paper!
Juan Carlos Guzman Rodriguez
Juan Carlos Guzman RodriguezĀ stackedĀ MindNode
Lima Peru
Great ideas
ilaria defilippo
ilaria defilippoĀ stackedĀ MindNode
Interior designer & creative/merchandising consultant, wo...
perfect for brainstorming/overview
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