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Derek Shanahan
Derek Shanahan stacked Minaal
Digital marketing for digital brands, prev GM @SuperRewar...
Hands down the best backpack set for mobile professionals.
Paul McKellar
Paul McKellar stacked Minaal
Here, now. Past Lives: @Square founding team, EIR @SVAngel
i travel in it for months at a time
Joshua Draxten
Joshua Draxten stacked Minaal
Less things, more quality
I fit my entire life in this bag. Most convenient carry-on and daily use bag ever
Ryzal Yusoff
Ryzal Yusoff stacked Minaal
I made : A distraction-free web rea...
Perfect travel/nomad bag companion.
Julien Dambron
Julien Dambron stacked Minaal
Scrum Master @Capgemini, avid reader, avid learner
Best backpack ever !
levelsio stacked Minaal
My favorite backpack in the world. There's a big travel one and a small daily one. I use the big travel one now full time. It's very sturdy built and I've been traveling with it for 5 years now.
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