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Yannick BoogTyrensแด‰ษนษฅษ”
147 people use Microsoft Word. Do you?


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sแด‰ษนษฅษ”ย stackedย Microsoft Word
Work/school. It's not sexy and it makes me sad, but it's so ubiquitous that you have to use it.
Alexis Wiseman
Alexis Wisemanย stackedย Microsoft Word
investing @ Contrary. NYer in ATL @emoryuniversity. matc...
Using word offline keeps me focused on the task at hand.
macfixerย stackedย Microsoft Word
I fix your Macs.
Stone cold classic.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumarย stackedย Microsoft Word
Product Manager @ADP. Lives in Hyderabad,India. Tech enth...
Allows me to write seamlessly with best formatting tools
Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathyย stackedย Microsoft Word
Published Author, Product Marketer and someone who loves ...
Amazing tool! Now, with the addition of Microsoft editor takes your writing to a whole new level. When it comes to content suggestions, it is better than Grammarly.
Gene Palmer
Gene Palmerย stackedย Microsoft Word
I'm looking for technology, startups and deals.
This has all the features I need including voice dictation built in.
Ivan Zografski
Ivan Zografskiย stackedย Microsoft Word
Father | Left-handed Optimist | Co-Founder @SolveoCo
True and tested
Lanie Molinar
Lanie Molinarย stackedย Microsoft Word
#LDS college #student. #Blind, #ActuallyAutistic with #fi...
It's a great word processor that has all the features I need, it's accessible, and it helps me get things done.
Ouma Ronald
Ouma Ronaldย stackedย Microsoft Word
Technology Enthusiast - Data Analytics (PowerBi), AI, ITS...
I can do any writing with this
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