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YoannK stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Co-Founder of One More Time Vintage. Front End developer.
I was a big fan of Sublime Text. It was before Visual Studio Code.
Krisztian Gyuris
Krisztian Gyuris stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
NoCode maker
I am living in it. Great shortcuts and I am familiar with it
mousa alzahrani
mousa alzahrani stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Creative Director | Tech Lover
Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
I bring a little sanity, and a world of newsletter curios...
It's like treats for my brain
AvesAPI stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Hi, I am Murat. The Founder of AvesAPI which is the power...
Elegant, and intelligent
Lesley Chang
Lesley Chang stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
i procrastinate by digging thru the internet for cool flu...
lightweight and so many plugins to download and keyboard shortcuts
Geek lady
Geek lady stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
As my name suggests, I'm a Geek Lady
Extensions are powerful.
Mike Connor
Mike Connor stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Software developer in New Orleans
light weight
TheRealCasadaro stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Polymath, Metaphysician, Systems Architect
It is by far the most versatile and expandable text editor I have ever used. Even more so there are keyboard shortcuts for everything, its completely customizable and it makes text manipulation fun and magical.
Igor stacked Microsoft Visual Studio
Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.
My choice IDE for Javascript.
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