Miband 4
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Kirill stacked Miband 4
30 y.o. old siberian mathematician
Reliable and works incredibly long on a single charge.
Mariano Mollo
Mariano Mollo stacked Miband 4
Cheap. It's good to track sleep phases.
Gleb Braverman
Gleb Braverman stacked Miband 4
AR fan, entrepreneur, angel investor, still a kid tho 👻
Super cheap and easy to use / set up. Battery life is 20 days - no brainer!
Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Miband 4
Product + Execution
I needed an affordable smart watch that displays notifications, and this gadget fits the bill.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra stacked Miband 4
Startup Guy| Tech Enthusiast| ExFounder of TechZappenin| ...
Love the way it looks.
Jenny Sousa
Jenny Sousa stacked Miband 4
Product Designer in the eternal study of life experiences...
This is simple and essential
oh shit waddup
oh shit waddup stacked Miband 4
Self-proclaimed artist, photographer and linguist. Pretty...
It's simple, good looking, water-resistant and the battery lasts a long time.
Fermin Rodriguez
Fermin Rodriguez stacked Miband 4
🇦🇷 | Interested in Marketing & Growth, Data Science, Produ...
Best value for money "smart" watch out in Argentina.
Vipul Chodankar
Vipul Chodankar stacked Miband 4
Community Representative @devclustergoa | Aspiring full s...
It's affordable and great for the price. The colour display looks great and the battery lasts around 20-30 days for me. The only bad thing would probably be that it sometimes tracks the vehicle's movement.
AbadesiSilviu StCalum Webb
Javi stacked Miband 4
Product Designer @ Tribe
Affordable and gets the job done as far as receiving relevant notifications and all the features you can expect from a band.
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