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Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Libby
Love to make computers think about data, write code, craf...
Why pay for your own copy when you can share everyone’s?
krishn stacked Libby
Systems thinker and product builder.
Haven't enjoyed my local library this much since I was a kid! I love how quick and easy it is to borrow e-books and have them ready on your Kindle to read.
Bryan Irace
Bryan Irace stacked Libby
Engineering manager from Brooklyn working on Stripe Capital.
Much nicer than you’d expect a free library ebook rental app to be! My primary means of procuring books nowadays.
Parker HendersonBenny Wong
christine kelley
christine kelley stacked Libby
Social worker, dog lover, and tech enthusiast
Love being able to access and utilize my local library. Books audiobooks are awesome but free ones are even better!
𝚃𝚊𝚚𝚠𝚊 stacked Libby
Beekeeping enthusiast. Fan of human and computer language...
Import loaned ebooks directly into your Kindle, and hop on the waitlist for any ebook + get notified once its your turn for it. I ❤️ this app.
Christopher Sherrod (Author & Podcast Host)
Christopher Sherrod (Author & Podcast Host) stacked Libby
Author, expat, entrepreneur
Better than having to goto the library.
Bram Adams
Bram Adams stacked Libby
creative code | music | writing
amazing ui and flowing experience. puts the fun back into libraries
Tyler Richards
Tyler Richards stacked Libby
Pancakes > French Toast >>> Waffles
Libby let's me rent books digitally from my local library, and also sends rented ebooks to my kindle or let's me read natively. I've used it at least once a week for a year, and it helps me utilize the great SF/NYC public library systems.
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams stacked Libby
Software Engineer. #cancerbiology PhD. Tweet abt #tech, #...
My public library in my pocket!
Sean Bolton
Sean Bolton stacked Libby
🇮🇪💻🚀 I type for a living at Modern Treasury 🎓 NUI Galway /...
Why pay for ebooks and audiobooks when you can get them for free through your public library.
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