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Mohammad Ikhsan Rahardian
Mohammad Ikhsan Rahardian stacked Meeter
1 click away to join scheduled meetings. No more opening calendar and fiddling with multiple links
Chloe Alfano
Chloe Alfano stacked Meeter
Howdy all. I'm Chloe. Obsessed with software, tools and d...
The best way to jump between meetings in Zoom, without experiencing the intrusive Microsoft Outlook reminders or bulky Calendar settings
Javier Solorio
Javier Solorio stacked Meeter
Creative Director @FigoPet
Awesome for organizing all upcoming video/audio conference meetings.
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton stacked Meeter
Trying to make the world a better place | Managing Direct...
Seamlessly tees up the next video call from your menu bar. It makes jumping in between Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, or other platforms a breeze.
Jose Lugo
Jose Lugo stacked Meeter
From Mexico City with love
Easy to keeps track of my scheduled calls between different platforms
Mats Staugaard
Mats Staugaard stacked Meeter
Investment Manager at Schibsted & Founder of KickBack. Ex...
Quick access to all my Corona-video conferences.
Ali Kemal
Ali Kemal stacked Meeter
Inconsistency gives me headache. And I believe light mode...
Meeter is such a time saver. You no longer have to go to calendar or anything to find the zoom/gmeets link to join a call. Just click on the tymeeter icon on your menu bar and boom. All the upcoming events (not just Zoom) will be there and you can swiftly access them. Awesome!
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