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Advanced Email Marketing Made Easy
Sharath KurugantyAlonWilhelm Rahn
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Sharath Kuruganty
Sharath Kuruganty stacked MailerLite
Building @getonpodium without writing a single line of co...
Sending email campaigns are now easy. Love the neat design and execution.
ptillement stacked MailerLite
Cofounder/COO @ hellotyro.comAvid reader, sports fan and ...
Simple emailing and newsletter tool as I did not like MailChimp too much
Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked MailerLite
UX ⭕, Design 💛, Travel 🌎, Tech ⚡, AI 🧠
Very powerful marketing automation, with conditionals and a very visual flow. The free tier offers A LOT, so give it a try.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor stacked MailerLite
Eternally curious | Working & Learning Outloud | Honorary...
Great for drip learning campaigns (spaced learning)
Prakhar Verma
Prakhar Verma stacked MailerLite
Creator of DesignEpicLife.com where I help ambitious peop...
Inexpensive, easy-to-use, functional and loaded with features.
Kevon Cheung
Kevon Cheung stacked MailerLite
CEO of Toasty Live Interactive Technology to Bring People...
Easy to use, friendly for startups
Don The Idea Guy
Don The Idea Guy stacked MailerLite
Don The Idea Guy has creative powers beyond those of mere...
I was a die-hard MailChimp fan, but MailerLite pushed the envelope to release free landing page creation tools and free email automation for user. MailChimp became a follower instead of the leader they once were.
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