Magic Mouse 2
Apples bluetooth mouse
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Dinesh stacked Magic Mouse 2
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Best for MacBook hands down. Best quality is connecting and disconnecting is a breeze. Tried other bluetooth mouse and it doesnt give native control with MacOS
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks stacked Magic Mouse 2
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My daily mouse driver. It's marvellous in every way except the lightning port is on the bottom, rendering it unusable when charging…
Jesse RussellDavidPASCAL TIEMANN
Craig Davison
Craig Davison stacked Magic Mouse 2
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Most compact and functional mouse. Only issue is charging.
Alex stacked Magic Mouse 2
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It's not ergonomic but it doesn't mean that it's uncomfortable, I consider it the best mouse for productivity since it has an integrated trackpad that allows me to do dope stuff like switching between workspaces on my Mac really really fast.
Ross Varrette
Ross Varrette stacked Magic Mouse 2
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It’s good. Not as innovative as the first gen.
Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi stacked Magic Mouse 2
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It's smooth, works brilliantly for editing videos and podcasts. The best part is, it looks sleek.
PASCAL TIEMANN stacked Magic Mouse 2
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Best mouse for a Mac due to the swiping features to switch spaces.
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