Magic Mind
The world's first productivity drink
Donnie DinchHiten ShahConnor Regan
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Colin Keeley
Colin Keeley stacked Magic Mind
Early Stage VC
Tastes like grass, but the calm productivity is worth it.
Matthieu Gavaudan
Matthieu Gavaudan stacked Magic Mind
Product manager at a predictive analytics startup in New ...
Tastes horrible, but mind feels clearer.
Parth Mistry
Parth Mistry stacked Magic Mind
Dwelling at the intersection of Tech, Management Science ...
Great productivity booster
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose stacked Magic Mind
Father, husband, investor, and builder of products.
Fantastic nootropic with zero crash
Ricardo MatosJesse ReichensteinRyan Hoover
Adam Tait
Adam Tait stacked Magic Mind
Software engineer. Early adopter. I love finding things b...
Ordered after reading rave reviews on YourStack and have been taking for 2 weeks. Huge win for me. I'm hooked. On the days I take it, with or without caffeine, my energy levels are noticeably higher and last longer. I don't feel jittery or overstimulated, but calmer.
DavidDhruvCalum Webb
Sahil Lavingia
Sahil Lavingia stacked Magic Mind
creating @gumroad, among other things: @shlpaints
Keeps the anxiety at bay until I build up momentum with my creative work, and keeps my energized for longer.
Pierre-Henry SoriaRaghav SharmaDimitrios Mytilinaios MD, PhD
rahulvohra stacked Magic Mind
Founder & CEO of @Superhuman. Founded Rapportive. Compute...
Before using Magic Mind, I used Qualia Mind for over a year. I have found that Magic Mind works as well — if not better — and without any of the weird aftertaste! I now have it every day alongside my morning coffee. (And, as a bonus, you do not have to cycle off it.)
Daniel KangAleksandra SmelianskaJacq
Todd Goldberg
Todd Goldberg stacked Magic Mind
Product + GTM. Angel investor. Builder (Eventjoy, Acq Tic...
I take Magic Mind every day with my morning coffee. It helps me focus and reduces my desire to drink more caffeine throughout the day. I also love the branding! 😍
OpheliaCatherineJonathan Grahl | Bittermandel
The best nootropics product I've ever come across
Donnie Dinch
Donnie Dinch stacked Magic Mind
ceo @Bitski prev: @WillCall
clarity and calmness in a tiny bottle. Love these exploratory nootropic products. Great branding, too
Nichanan KesonpatJacqRyan Hoover
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