Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
"Your Next Computer."
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Ben stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Product Design Manager @mangolanguages. Previously @reviz...
Makes it much easier to use the iPad for design work.
Bobby ShirleyJulie
jakep36 stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
CTO for Redsson, and co-founder of @uncubed. Ruby and Rai...
Trackpad support on the ipad is very good. Having one always on and ready is even better. I like typing on it and how easy it is to close it and take it with me. It does add significant weight to the device, but I'm using the ipad even more now.
JulieOne PageAaron
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Father, husband, investor, and builder of products.
The perfect laptop replacement for casual work (email, slack, browsing, etc.)
Pratik GandhiBryan Landers
Valentin Cristea
Valentin Cristea stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
co-founder, product & strategy for
Good enough and the best so far
Karsten Chearis
Karsten Chearis stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Impacting those who can’t wait for age to bring maturity....
This keyboard case is soooo over-priced, but dang is it not a powerful addition to the portability arsenal. I have the 11" version, and while it took a moment to become accustomed to the smaller trackpad, I am blazing through work with it now.
M...D E A / E D I T E DRahul
Will Ma
Will Ma stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
A passionate business, technology, and information system...
It's my first keyboard purchase for the iPad and I'm definitely going to do a lot of article writing. The keys are impressive.
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
I've used other Bluetooth and even Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio, but this is superior. Great balance, even on one's lap, terrific key feel. I _love_ the trackpad, much more impressive than I expected. Great for writing, as your fingers can stay on the keyboard.
Matan Kushner
NiLsEj stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
You can hate me but can't ignore me....
My iPad Pro suddenly looks like Baby MacBook.
Basically turns iPad into a computer - - the trackpad support is perfect for writing, editing, etc. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised it didn’t fold back like the old keyboard case did. Which is fine, just takes some getting used to.
Elvin stacked Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Designer, developer. Soon: @googlechrome. Now: @cooperuni...
This keyboard case offers hands down the best typing experience I’ve ever had on an iPad, and the trackpad feels silky smooth.
Michael SippeyBradElen Udovichenko
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