Magic Keyboard
#1 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
RahulJared GordonJustin Leger
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RahulĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Code @producthunt ~Apple WWDC'17 Scholarship Winner ~Foun...
It feels so good to type in this keyboard and definitely better than the macbook keyboard!
Radoslav StankovMike CoutermarshPassbase
MaximeĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Full-stack Engineer, Product design lover, CTO @Scoppe
Same layout than the laptops, confortable typing.
Surya Dantuluri
Surya DantuluriĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
building something new. previously intern @renovo_auto, @...
I've tried a lot of mechanical keyboards and nothing beats the simple magic keyboard.
fĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Web developer and digital nomad
I use the short version because it's lightweight and portable when I travel
Cagri Sarigoz
Cagri SarigozĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Product Person, Podcaster. Husband, father to a baby girl...
Great typing experience, strong battery, easy to carry in your bag.
Radoslav Stankov
Radoslav StankovĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Software Developer.Head of engineering at @ProductHunt. O...
I like to pair my laptop and external keyboards. So I have a muscle memory and can switch between those.
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Fullstack Engineer @ProductHunt
Seamlessly connects to my Mac, has a much better typing experience than the butterfly keyboard and a battery that never seems to run out šŸ„³
Yuri MorenoTanishq SharmaJesse Russell
anatĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
product + eng @ NewCo, previously mobile @ blue apron, am...
When I bricked my macbook's keyboard last month, I got the magic keyboard to set right on top of it and haven't looked back!
Lars Ɩsterberg
Lars ƖsterbergĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Currently remote product @hubspot. Will one day have full...
Fast and elegant.
Carlos Orelhas
Carlos OrelhasĀ stackedĀ Magic Keyboard
Self-taught Programmer
Minimalist keyboard, clean and quick to connect with my MackBook
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