Macbook Air
MacBook Air is your perfectly portable, do-it-all notebook.
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Benoit Chambon
Benoit Chambon stacked Macbook Air
PhD candidate, working on blockchain and crypto stuff. So...
My loyal companion. Never left me during my PhD🙏
Craig Davison
Craig Davison stacked Macbook Air
Top guy with some top tools
I have the 2020 version with maxed out specs. Functions just as well as the low-spec MacBook Pros but nearly 1kg lighter!
Sharvenium stacked Macbook Air
writer, programmer, student.
Light and powerful 💻
Travis stacked Macbook Air
Do I even have to explain why I love this thing?
Bill Hinostroza
Bill Hinostroza stacked Macbook Air
Entrepreneur, Philosophical Thinker, and Digital Nomad.
It's light and portable.
Matthieu Gavaudan
Matthieu Gavaudan stacked Macbook Air
Product manager at a predictive analytics startup in New ...
Powerful enough to get work done, a UX to get it done fast, and very portable.
Dani Martínez
Dani Martínez stacked Macbook Air
in love with the web
battery life
Doug Green
Doug Green stacked Macbook Air
Apple lover. Food enthusiast. Need.
Light and powerful.
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma stacked Macbook Air
Reaping benefits from infinite leverage
When I am not using the powerhouse 16, this is great for light browsing, going through mails etc
Dan Silov
Dan Silov stacked Macbook Air
Product designer and film director in one
Thin, light, powerful enough. What's not to love?
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