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Maani Salimi
Maani Salimi stacked Lyft
persian cat enthusiast
on-demand life :)
kurtreckz stacked Lyft
Habs fan, working on beer insights and data and such at @...
I don't own a car
jess moran.
jess moran. stacked Lyft
SQA Engineer @ ASICS Digital/Runkeeper. Working in e-comm...
living in the city without a car made possible
Taylor Dimler
Taylor Dimler stacked Lyft
San Diego Attorney looking for the best products out there!
I love that they have always provided the ability to tip. Been riding with them for years since they had the big pink mustache on every car.
Praveen stacked Lyft
Build, launch, repeat
better drivers
Matthew Stotts
Matthew Stotts stacked Lyft
That's not how this works.
Priscilla Tyler
Priscilla Tyler stacked Lyft
Early Stage VC @ True Ventures. Outdoor enthusiast 🏔. Eas...
offset carbon, culture, flexibilty
Geet Khosla
Geet Khosla stacked Lyft
Takes me around and have great people driving the cars. (Usually)
Katie Wells
Katie Wells stacked Lyft
GM, Fintech.
It started with the mustaches.
Stanley Hataria
Stanley Hataria stacked Lyft
The better ride :)
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