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Benoit Chambon
Benoit ChambonĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
PhD in law, working on blockchain and crypto stuff. Sound...
The most simple tool to build flow charts and design processes!
Rachel Oldfield
Rachel OldfieldĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
Humanistic product manager looking to create meaningful s...
This makes visualizing org charts and process flows so much easier and scalable!
John Strutton
John StruttonĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
Product person - best reached at
Super easy to go from 0-to-something. Used for all things from Wireframes to Cloud architecture to House plans
Lloyd Winkelman
Lloyd WinkelmanĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
I love software and technology
Best visual productivity tool out there. Great for technical and non technical teams to quickly collaborate and visualize complex ideas.
Jonathan Riche
Jonathan RicheĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
Jonathan Riche is a Entrepreneur, Software Developer, Gam...
Default tool for creating software architecture diagrams.
Brennen Hodge
Brennen HodgeĀ stackedĀ Lucidchart
CEO @CitizenHealthio. Leveraging direct care, blockchain,...
A quick way to visualize my thoughts.
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