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10 people use Loom. Do you?

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Francoo stacked Loom
web for the win
Easy to use and clients love it, they feel special
Adam Kazwell
Adam Kazwell stacked Loom
Growth PM @useloom, Dad. When not busy with ← I'm hunting...
At first I was hesitant to record video of myself, but once I got used to it - I noticed that Loom videos helped me to communicate more efficiently and effectively...I liked it so much I went to work there ;)
Ryan Hoover
Marissa Montgomery
Marissa Montgomery stacked Loom
founder @instantish previously @askspoke + @googlecloud☕️ ...
Really delightful and easy to use.
Adam Kazwell
MAKEZU.IO stacked Loom
AI-Prospecting Engine Makezu, ultimate way to transform s...
The easiest tool to record screen with audio
Eugenia Tokmakova
Eugenia Tokmakova stacked Loom
easy to use
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