Linear lets you manage software development and track bugs
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🅵🆁🅲🆃KeRocket stacked Linear
The Best🌟 issue tracking tool in the Universe🌀✨🚀 A task management tool that continues to add necessary and useful features while maintaining its sophistication and ease of use. Task/project/product management and planning
Brian Shultz
Brian Shultz stacked Linear
Blazing fast project management
Vahid Jozi
Vahid Jozi stacked Linear
Product - Growth - Investment
Superhuman of task/project management tools
Beresnev Serge
Beresnev Serge stacked Linear
An External Product Visionary for your business: Creative...
Neat, clean, focused
Daniel Doyon
Daniel Doyon stacked Linear
Co-founder of @readwiseio
Really speeds up our dev cycles
amanda peyton
amanda peyton stacked Linear
founder @ Braid
Thoughtfully designed and keeps us organized.
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Linear
✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
Issue tracking tool which is keyboard shortcut driven and really clear and easy to use. It is everything I want from a piece of software I’m going to be using every day - intuitive and clear.
Jesse Russell
Lukas Klinser
Lukas Klinser stacked Linear
building & designing for d2c brands at • formerl...
New favorite tool for issue management 🤩
berrysauce stacked Linear
Hobby Developer, Learning HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScri...
One of the best Issue Trackers I've seen so far
Surya Dantuluri
Surya Dantuluri stacked Linear
Use it at work to manage tasks. Pretty neat.
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