Linear lets you manage software development and track bugs
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aphel stacked Linear
I write stuff I find cool.
Good issue management tool.
Raphael Schaad
Raphael Schaad stacked Linear
Founder CEO at Cron, Swiss Designer & MIT Engineer
Slick UI and I like the opinionated take on dev cycles.
Sid stacked Linear
quarter stack developer
It's product management like jira, but you'd actually want to use it!
Beinglong stacked Linear
Entrepreneur with a ❤️ for Sales tech.
Linear helps me putting down all issues and ideas without having to wait forever. Edit: I just love it - and I hate writing tickets, but it makes me want to write tickets with it.
Alex Young Kwon
Alex Young Kwon stacked Linear
Something new☕️ - Not deliberate, not random. Some place i...
Tryin it out
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