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Leaders in Wi-Fi connected smart lights. Personalize with an open API, app & voice control + integrations. Get product info & explore the world of smart tech.
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Erik Gonzalez Noha
Erik Gonzalez Noha stacked LIFX
Easy setup
DailyTekk stacked LIFX
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
My smart lights of choice at the moment, although not without their flaws.
Erik Gonzalez Noha
Ev Chapman
Ev Chapman stacked LIFX
Head of Digital Brand COM Marketing | iPad enthusiast | I...
Simple to setup
Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh stacked LIFX
Product Designer. Aerialist acrobat. Loves people.
The color vibrance & brightness leaves every other smart bulb in the dust. I love the way LIFX creates "white" light with the absence of green hues. It's 100% brightness is comparable to 100 watt bulbs (compared to Phillips Hue's 60 watt comparison).
upbeat strange funkish forest feel
upbeat strange funkish forest feel stacked LIFX
the dark souls of yourstack users
Why wouldn't I want every room in my house to be purple?
Nile stacked LIFX
green bubble boy, nerd, corporate slave, fat thumbs. ofte...
Stays tf out of my way till I want to use it, easy app, works with everything
Jacob Colling
Jacob Colling stacked LIFX
Life is excellent!
Control lights
Ani Mohan
Ani Mohan stacked LIFX
founder and CEO of gamesnacks
Dim my lights automatically at night to tell me it's bedtime
Snake Reynolds
Snake Reynolds stacked LIFX
Brave men run in my family.
Party colors
Adam Williams
Adam Williams stacked LIFX
I simply love to optimise things for speed and ease. UX a...
Coloured lights just really transform a space that otherwise is completely ordinary. Great quality product, but pretty expensive compared to the competition and other good alternatives coming out. App and controls are decent and on par with best, I would say.
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