The self-care app to help you reach health and weight goals
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Nigel Koh
Nigel Koh stacked Lifesum
Data Science @AngelList Venture
Really easy way to track diet based on your goals.
Max Rovensky
Max Rovensky stacked Lifesum
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
If there's one health app I would genuinely recommend, it's this. Eating well is important (Mr. 2 Years of Baconators over here) Tried one of their monthly diet plans and managed to go down from 104kg to 96kg (for metrically challenged, that's about 2.1 gallons of difference)
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Nathaniel Santiago
Nathaniel Santiago stacked Lifesum
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Its clean and simple
Seb Jachec
Seb Jachec stacked Lifesum
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I wish there was a better alternative. FoodNoms is what I want to use, but has no food database support outside the US.
Deli stacked Lifesum
PM @Zopa
In the periods where I want to watch what I eat more closely, I find Lifesum so easy and pleasant to use. You can pretty much find every single item of food on there and the design just makes calories counting a fun activity.
Sarah McBride
Sarah McBride stacked Lifesum
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super easy nutrition tracking (I'm low on protein -- but workin' on it!)
Alexandre MouriecSankaraRyan Hoover
Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessio stacked Lifesum
The host of Keep Productive 👨🏻‍💻
I don't use it religiously, but for calorie tracking, it works wonders.
Julie stacked Lifesum
Head of Product Design YourStack + Product Hunt
I use it to track what I eat. Eating-habits are the most important thing to stay fit.
Diogo FerreiraDan EdwardsRyan Hoover
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