Music Counts Personalized listening stat and music discovery
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I make music and play with puters.
Since 2006, I’ve been scrobbling with and it’s recommended me many great artists. Great for music discovery outside of your music streaming services.
chia #ACAB
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i like car seat headrest
i loev u
Chris Sansbury
Chris Sansbury stacked
Curator and sharer of things @postabdn / @aberdeencity
It keeps a not of trends in my varied musical taste over time.
Jesse Russell
Ethan stacked
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It lets me track all the music I listen to on Spotify. Unlike Spotify, it keeps it all forever, including a list songs I listened & when, so I could run my own analysis on the data via the API. It also has very nice built-in reports. My profile:
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked
Been using to track music for about ten years now.
Olu stacked
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Keeping track of what I've listened to is really important to me, as I keep the same songs in rotation for my entire life, ha ha. Also seeing patterns + connecting Exist is really helpful.
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Just love it
Ariel Lam
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Seeing my listening habits in real time is AMAZING. As someone who listens to way too much music, and also likes data,'s been my favourite thing to check in every so often.
Keenen Charles
Keenen Charles stacked
I make things with code and write about everything else. ...
It's the best way to track your music listening across all services and devices.
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