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508 people use Duolingo. Do you?

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Heidi Helen Pilypas
Heidi Helen PilypasĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
I design apps. Lover of all things Apple. Designer and Co...
Iā€™ve been using Duolingo for over a year to learn Swedish. It is really great at habit-forming. I started learning for a potential job opportunity but stayed for the fun of it.
Dariya Lopukhina
Dariya LopukhinaĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
Digital innovation enthusiast, freelancer, blogger, dog l...
Using it to learn Chinese.
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PCĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
Introvert | INTP | Coffee Person
I'm learning Chinese
Sam Jamshidi
Sam JamshidiĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
I'm a writer and a film major. I'm 21 years old. A bit of...
To learn Turkish
Julie Bestry, CPOĀ®
Julie Bestry, CPOĀ®Ā stackedĀ Duolingo
I help overwhelmed individuals save time and money, reduc...
743 days straight, and counting...
Amethyst Wizard
Amethyst WizardĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
Learn French!
Tom Nora
Tom NoraĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
Founder @RelevantMachine, Author HACKING THE CORE, softwa...
using it to relearn German.
Alex Devero
Alex DeveroĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
I am founder/CEO of DEVERO Corporation. I am an entrepre...
One of the best and most engaging ways to learn languages.
Yuri Moreno
Yuri MorenoĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
me? ->
very easy why to learn a new language
ruchiĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
Building communities at Bevy. Nittany lion for life!
Great activity as quarantine pastime šŸ˜»
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