A delightful sparkling beverage with zero calories
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Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked LaCroix
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
Great, guilt-free alternative to sodas. They're actually very satisfying.
Jesse Russell
Justin Chen
Justin Chen stacked LaCroix
Keeps me satiated while fasting.
Adam Bader
Adam Bader stacked LaCroix
👨🏻‍💻Product Manager (ex: @realmadrid, @beinsportsusa & other...
Zero calories. Tastes great and is a great alternative to Diet Coke!
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked LaCroix
Product Manager at - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
Recently I've been drinking like 3 - 4 cans of this stuff a day. Lime is my favourite. Such a refreshing way to end a run or just get through a meeting.
Lanre Akinyemi
#BeautyMark stacked LaCroix
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As someone interested in food trends. LaCroix has been a wonderful company to see on counters and snack refrigerators.
Sam Butler
Sam Butler stacked LaCroix
Founder|Investor|Community Builder - Occasional Obsessive...
Who knew dystopian soda could taste so good
Stephanie R. Simms
Stephanie R. Simms stacked LaCroix
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Bubbly water makes me happy. Pampelmousse, the word and the flavor, makes me even happier. Still curious to find out what it means to be "essenced."
Aaron stacked LaCroix
Community @producthunt @yourstacks Previously a cook 👨‍🍳
These grew on me big time during our off sites and I am partly convinced @rrhoover is 90% La Croix
JulianDan EdwardsDarya Sesitskaya
tobieward stacked LaCroix
Bubbly goodness without all the sugar
miracho stacked LaCroix
I build software for software devs, predictive models, an...
One word - Pamplemousse.
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