Magically mutes background noise during calls
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Sean Bolton
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🇮🇪💻🚀 I type for a living at Modern Treasury 🎓 NUI Galway /...
Now that we live on zoom, it's important to have high quality audio. Krisp magically removes any background noise from your calls and integrates well with zoom and Facetime
Jayme Hoffman
Jayme Hoffman stacked Krisp
Product entrepreneur, husband & new dad // Exploring some...
My office is next to our kitchen. My 👶1yr old gets pretty vocal when he's hungry, doesn't like the food in front of him and when mom doesn't let him sit in an adult chair. Krisp mutes all of Henry's frustrations when I'm on calls.
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Alison Hennessy
Alison Hennessy stacked Krisp
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Living near a Firestation means I often have sirens in the background and Krisp makes that go away its amazing
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Danny Denhard
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Simple, effective and ensures you remain professional when working remotely or having to commute
Satwick stacked Krisp
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Really cool tool if you work from home or coffee shops. Removes the background noise both from your surroundings and even the background noise coming from the other line.
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Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked Krisp
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Open offices, coffee shops, and other locations with lots of chatter, music, and other noise can make your zoom or call sound rushed or un professional. This app helps mute the noise.
kt mcbratneyTanyaKapinosBen Church
- ̗̀Ben ̖́-
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Work a lot from coffee shops, so hate coming across as unprofessional with all the background noise and chat!
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MAKEZU.IO stacked Krisp
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Krisp mute background noise during video calls. Very convenient in noisy working spaces
Vlad Larin
Vlad Larin stacked Krisp
Founder&GM @zeroqode creating awesome 😎 stuff with #nocode
It does exactly what it says. Extremely useful for calls in noisy places - great addition for people who's working style is mobile, and you never know when you are going to take that next call.
Melik Karapetyan
Melik Karapetyan stacked Krisp
Principal Engineer specialized in web technologies.
It has the world's best AI-powered noise cancellation technology which helps you by making your calls noise-free.
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