Magically mutes background noise during calls
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Michael Silber
Michael Silber stacked Krisp
Brooklyn based product manager
My video call only hears me, not Brooklyn
V Keerthi Vikram
V Keerthi Vikram stacked Krisp
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
Helps in removing background noise very efficiently making, everything from meetings to recordings really clear and awesome.
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai stacked Krisp
Product Folks
Shivani Shah
Shivani Shah stacked Krisp
Content strategist & marketing copywriter. Community Host...
Krisp cancels outs strong background noise like construction nearby on my Zoom/Google Meet calls (I don't use a fancy mic, just the headphone mic that came with my phone). I've heard Zoom recordings and there's no noise on my audio at all. Love it.
Juan José
Juan José stacked Krisp
Apprentice of everything, master of nothing. Or Philosoph...
In my house is always going something on. Having a neat, clear sound is super important for my calls and Krisp helped me achieve that (paired with a good mic, noise panels, etc.)
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Krisp
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
Especially helpful when working remotely, helps to reduce background noise in even the busiest of places.
Anna GrigoryanMaria HalseJulie
David stacked Krisp
Find someone who you feel comfortable asking dumb questio...
I love how it doesn't only block out background noise on my end.. but also for everyone else on the call. Does a very good job at both.
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Krisp
days → @firstmarkcap | nights → alum of → @...
Noisy backgrounds are no fun for anyone. With Krisp, I literally walked by a drum band in Union Square and my parents on the other end of the line couldn't hear a thing except my voice. Plus, you get 240 minutes free per month, oh, and it works with Zoom calls, too.
Nivesh stacked Krisp
Engineering Consultant, building products.
No need to buy expensive hardware for taking remote calls. Take calls from everywhere.
Jorge Camargo
Jorge Camargo stacked Krisp
Co-founder @ecaresoft & @elcowork. Alleged counterculturi...
Remove all background noises for your zoom calls.
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