Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard
Contoured design maximizes comfort and boosts productivity.
Natalie MarlenyAdam Tait
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Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard
✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
Makes me feel like a concert pianist when I'm interfacing with a computer. Tools aren't everything but this keyboard is a joy to use. It is also a *look*.
Adam Tait
Adam Tait stacked Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard
Software engineer. Early adopter. I love finding things b...
I've worked on (& built myself) dozens of mechanical keyboards over the years. The Kinesis Advantage is the one I keep coming back to. The cupped shape and vertically-aligned keys are a game changer. After adapting (took a couple weeks), my typing speed increased more than 30%
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