Kindle Oasis
The most advanced Kindle ever
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Jon Callahan
Jon Callahan stacked Kindle Oasis
Senior Software Engineer @intuit | Proud @NOLSedu and @Ke...
I've been a kindle user for years. The Oasis's backlight color warmth is worth the upcharge alone. The dedicated buttons and crisper, larger screen are all bonuses. I love my kindle oasis.
Igor stacked Kindle Oasis
Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.
I can get (almost) any book at any moment. Device is ergonomic and the display is beautiful.
Jade Pathe
Jade Pathe stacked Kindle Oasis
Builder. Planner. Dancer. Learner.
I have had each version of the Kindle and the Oasis is my favorite. I love having access to all my books in one sleek device, I also love that its primary use case has remained books so there are limited distractions.
Rich DeMuroAltafAlexandre Mouriec
Vince Van Grootel
Vince Van Grootel stacked Kindle Oasis
I help build products during the day and geek out on gadg...
Perfect companion to help me move to a digital-only-library. The audiobook support is a very nice addition and allows me to have 1 dedicated device for reading books.
Dan EdwardsAdam TaitKenny Bennett
Jason Silverstein
Jason Silverstein stacked Kindle Oasis
Seattle-area tech guy. Tango Card employee. Active partic...
A distraction-free reader.
Nat Welch
Nat Welch stacked Kindle Oasis
Author of Real World SRE. @GoogleCloud SRE. Frmr @firstlo...
Always in my backpack, always loaded with books.
Juan Vaamonde
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