Best Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards
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11 people use Keychron. Do you?

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Masa Amano
Masa Amano stacked Keychron
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The best keyboard EVER
Josh Vandergrift
Josh Vandergrift stacked Keychron
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So clacky...
John Luke Garofalo
John Luke Garofalo stacked Keychron
Founder at Front Yard Fantasy
K1 - Quality mechanical keyboard for macs. Slimmer profile to help with wrist pain or carpal tunnel. Little loud but it's mechanical so it's expected. Dope RGBs
Ed stacked Keychron
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I use the K6. It was my entry point to mechanical keyboards and now I can't go back. Click click.
Sarah Kuehnle
Sarah Kuehnle stacked Keychron
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I have a Keychron K2, as my first mechanical keyboard. The biggest plus for me is that it's wireless and the battery life is great.
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Brendan Weinstein
Brendan Weinstein stacked Keychron
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The first Keychron keyboard I truly fell in love with. I have had about 3 now and love how well they work switching between USB-c & Bluetooth across (MacOS and Windows.)
Juan Vaamonde
Pierre Prior
Pierre Prior stacked Keychron
French Designer 🇫🇷
Now I love mechanical keyboard thanks to this Keychron K6. Looking good and effective!
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