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elbz stacked Kap
She/her Sr. UX designer building awesome @wizelinedesig...
Beautiful GIFs and MP4s at your service, all outsourced ♥
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries stacked Kap
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
Quick screencasts or screen recordings.
Will Henderson
Will Henderson stacked Kap
Co-founder and CPO of Knowa. Formerly PM at what3words.
Kanitkorn Sujautra (Kid)
Kanitkorn Sujautra (Kid) stacked Kap
💻 Software Engineer @AutifyJapan 🤓 ISTP 🏠 Bangkok to Toky...
Easily create a GIF file from my screen to show my work to my coworker.
Aarón García
Aarón García stacked Kap
Code + Design + Systems + Everything in between. UI Engin...
Screen capture at its best.
Nattu stacked Kap
Explorer, photographer by passion from the islands of Mal...
Lightweight compared to Quicktime. This is my go-to app for screen recording. Love how the founders shared the story of how it was built, especially using Electron.
Ryan Hoover
Duiker101 stacked Kap
Creator of Hacker Typer. Always trying to learn something...
The easiest way to make screen recordings. Nothing even comes close.
Corey Gwin
Corey Gwin stacked Kap
Product dude on a quest to discover what's best for busin...
Recording GIFs.
Hiram stacked Kap
No-code maker & privacy advocate. Building:
Ability to export to a variety of different formats. You can even copy/paste without having to save it locally in the first place. And open source. Best screen capture tool I've ever used.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin stacked Kap
Designing mobile apps @github Building @designdetailsfm,...
This is my go-to app for any screen recording. It's really simple, but provides all the must-have tools for controlling the recording and final export.
Parker Henderson
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