An app that gives you back control of your data and privacy
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Jeremy stacked Jumbo
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Easiest way to keep your social profiles clean of old and out of date content and advertisers confused about what you're searching for.
Sujay Raj Srivastava
Sujay Raj Srivastava stacked Jumbo
Hi, there!
Suggests you on which settings of your online accounts needs changing to protect your privacy, blocks trackers - protects your online world. Also watches the Dark web and alerts you if your credentials are found floating there with just your email id with Jumbo.
Alex stacked Jumbo
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Great app for privacy stuff.
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked Jumbo
Simple. Privacy.
mcozy stacked Jumbo
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Great tool for identifying and enabling privacy and security settings and deleting history with popular apps.
Sidd stacked Jumbo
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Just the app you need to minimize your digital footprint. Loved the ad blocking features and delete/archive messages from Facebook messenger and other apps. Bonus- also searches darkweb incase your email id was compromised
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Jumbo
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Abstracting away the complexities of privacy and making it fun instead. Also, I love the one-stop-shop for authentication for all apps + dark web tracking and the pick-your-price model. Bravo, Pierre!
kurtreckz stacked Jumbo
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Clean out your social presence every now and then
Ernest Oppetit
Ernest Oppetit stacked Jumbo
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Brilliant app. Helps you take back control of your privacy by applying the right settings.
Pierre Letoublon
Pierre Letoublon stacked Jumbo
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Great privacy check-up and monitoring with nonintrusive weekly updates
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