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Reflect, reconnect, and grow with your new mindful journal
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George Hatzis
George Hatzis stacked Jour
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An easy to way to get your daily thoughts down somewhere, and the prompts to get you thinking about what you want to write about are really nice.
Jeddi stacked Jour
ex-The Family I 💸 invested in: Payfit - Stripe - Sidekick...
Journaling a lot. Started when I discovered stoicism few years ago.
Kenneth Schlenker
Kenneth Schlenker stacked Jour
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Daily journaling
Cody McCauley
Cody McCauley stacked Jour
Research & Strategy Analyst @ D. E. Shaw | Obsessed with ...
Great daily journaling app. It allows for quick and thoughtful responses.
jay rowley
jay rowley stacked Jour
community @workshop_app. enjoys kombucha, mexican food an...
Tried a few journalling apps and this was perfect for me. Beautifully designed. Check-in with mindful mood journalling, or just write freely. My saving grace in brain-dumping on the go.
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