Where women in tech talk candidly online.
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Lani Assaf
Lani Assaf stacked Elpha
growth & content marketing manager. learning every day, a...
An amazing hybrid social & professional network for women. There is top-notch content on Elpha - everything from negotiation & salary advice, to productivity hacks, to making friends after college. No "girl power" chants and no men-bashing. :) Just a diverse, inclusive community.
Emily stacked Elpha
project manager interested in tech. Where are the pancakes?
Love the forms and advice on Elpha. The community is inspiring and immensely helpful. If you are a woman in tech and not on Elpha, you need to join ASAP.
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell stacked Elpha
Communications and marketing strategist and writer of Tin...
Smart community of accomplished women who are genuine and willing to help. Have made some great connections.
Lanre Akinyemi
Lizelle van Vuuren
Lizelle van Vuuren stacked Elpha
Co-founder + CMO @undockhq Building a time machine. Save ...
A great resource for companies who want to hire women in tech and a great resource for women in tech to engage openly about tech, entrepreneurship and more.
Jake Hung TranNaya MossEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Mary Rinaldi
Mary Rinaldi stacked Elpha
mentor-in-residence at New Inc, freelance writer, strateg...
Supportive, actionable advice and forums for women in tech. No bullying, just talented people with tips, stories and connections to make.
AbadesiKaterinaRadoslav Stankov
Katerina stacked Elpha
Everything happens through connections. I analyze network...
women only community. That doesn't mean it's 100% safe space (women can also be mean), but at least we try to be respectful, kind, and helpful. As any community, the more you put in, the more you get from it.
Katie Jacobs Stanton
Katie Jacobs Stanton stacked Elpha
Mom of 3 & @tacopuppy. Investor @MoxxieVentures and @hash...
Elpha is a safe and efficient place for women to talk about their jobs - from how to manage mat leave, negotiate for more equity, job searches and general inspiration.
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