Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby.
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Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo stacked jekyll
About me!
Static Site Generator
Scott Scharl
Scott Scharl stacked jekyll
aesthete • hepcat • tech dabbler • urbanist • work in fin...
Built my site on Jekyll.
JC stacked jekyll
Product Manager / Software developer No-Code enthusiast
It’s the framework I use for my blog. Also ruby <3
f stacked jekyll
Web developer and digital nomad
Jekyll + Github pages for hosting are the perfect tools for static websites.
Anna stacked jekyll
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
I’m so glad I discovered Jekyll when I did, and wish I’d learned about it sooner. It uses the same templating language that Shopify made and uses (Liquid) which is relatively easy to learn, even for an absolute beginner, like me. It’s not the fastest static site generator though.
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Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford stacked jekyll
I write about the history of technology & industry at roo...
A nice Ruby-based static site generator. I have built and continue to maintain multiple sites in Jekyll, including The Roots of Progress ( and my personal homepage (
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