Jarvis Standing Desk
Best stand up desk on—and for—the planet
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Tom Coutts
Tom Coutts stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Music and Coffee are my true loves. 24 Programmer he/him ...
A great desk which not only is functional it looks great in my space as well
Jeremy stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Making things @seetheglossary
One of my most favorite things in the world. Carries a ton of weight, the motor is reliable, it gets plenty tall for me, and is beautiful to look at. Love my Jarvis.
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Product designer, researcher, engineer
I got this desk when I started working remotely with InVision 2 years ago, and it’s held up great. I’m going to get my own solid wood desk top soon and screw this frame, and the battery on (the top it came with is cheap and chips easy).
Mark Bucknell
Mark Bucknell stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Founder, developer and freelancer @builtwithcode Founder ...
This is the first desk I have spent big money on and I have not regretted it at all. It's huge, stable, looks great and being able to stand is a gamechanger.
Rohit AlexanderJordi Mon CompanysWinitri
mike tatum
mike tatum stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
CEO & Co-Founder of Spokestack. I have power cords from t...
Going on year 3 with the Jarvis desk and love it!
JeremyMatthew PaulLeandro Ardissone
Jordi Mon Companys
Jordi Mon Companys stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Just an average guy with exceptional hair
Touch is soft, prerecorded positions is a joy and it’s big enough to have a complete WFH set.
Coleman FoleyJake Crump
Brendan stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Kiwi, living in London, due in Auckland 2020
Much easier on the body if you want to remain standing for long periods.
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Lover of technology, books, & this emoji: 😂
Beautiful, minimal, functional, and well built, the Jarvis desk adapts to my preferred style of working.
Leandro ArdissoneJoelRyan Hoover
Dhruv stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
playing with products you can see
Clean design, can preset different configurations, completely customizable to your routine and space with their various accessories
Derek stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Product @roverdotcom. Helping pet folks live life to the ...
Straightforward setup. Solid construction. Awesome customer service. It's difficult to pinpoint any faults with this desk.
Coleman Foleyōz lozano
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