A terminal emulator for macOS that does amazing things.
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Valeri SokolovOscar Hugo PazNestore Novati
150 people use iTerm2. Do you?

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Mustafa stacked iTerm2
Software Engineer!
My default terminal for a long time and it's perfect for me
Stefan Natter
Stefan Natter stacked iTerm2
I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS,...
Gives you more flexibility than the built-in macOS terminal: create different profiles, customize almost everything (fonts, colors, shortcuts) and more.
Victor stacked iTerm2
self-management / org-tech / token economics / web3 / DAO...
customizable command line; i added oh-my-zsh for full-swag :D
A better alternative to the stock terminal app
Pietro stacked iTerm2
i do stuff on the internet - engineering payments @Mollie...
Terminal emulator of choice
Sviatoslav stacked iTerm2
I'm iOS developer
just cool
Lukas Klinser
Lukas Klinser stacked iTerm2
product & payments @n26 — occasional computer user and in...
I like it better than the native macOS terminal, and there's a lot of customisation options by now.
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked iTerm2
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
My terminal of choice on my Macbook Pro
Jesse Russell
Medet Mamyrov
Medet Mamyrov stacked iTerm2
computer science student interested in discovering new to...
Allows for great customizability and the new version 3.3 minimal UI is amazing
Joel stacked iTerm2
I'm a software engineer building something new... Nice s...
Great terminal replacement for MacOS.
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