iPhone XS
No other phone is like iPhone.
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uovo kinder
uovo kinder stacked iPhone XS
Catherine stacked iPhone XS
business nerd 🤓😎
syncs with my iPad
Moishy Eisner
Moishy Eisner stacked iPhone XS
Don't mind me. I'm just your role model.
User friendly
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked iPhone XS
Staying a couple years out of date - trying to use it less and less.
Ayush Jaiswal
Ayush Jaiswal stacked iPhone XS
Building Making opportunities universally acc...
It doesn't ship bugs attached to updates, yet.
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence stacked iPhone XS
Love problem solving and finding new products that evolve...
It's powerful, has a great camera, isn't too big and not as expensive as many of the other iPhones on the market.
Dimiter Petrov
Dimiter Petrov stacked iPhone XS
Designer during the day, batman during the night.
Huge screen in a small body.
Naren stacked iPhone XS
I am a software engineer. I transpired into an entreprene...
The best iPhone ever built by Apple. Smooth and slick. Friendly user interface and usability. I bought the space gray color that matches with my Macbook pro both gel together well. Syncing files between them is easy.
Rob Boone
Rob Boone stacked iPhone XS
I'm Rob.
It's small! Seriously, phones are getting entirely too big. The XS is just right.
krishn stacked iPhone XS
Systems thinker and product builder.
Edge to edge screen, awesome camera, battery lasts all day.
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