iPhone XS
iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme.
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Gabe Hawkins  
Gabe Hawkins  stacked iPhone XS
Political scientist 🎓 ∙ Music maker 🎸🎚 ∙ Investor & finan...
Apple will be hard pressed to develop a device that will make me want to upgrade. The XS is the best all around iPhone experience I’ve had, and for my admittedly basic needs, it does everything perfectly.
Robson Almeida
Robson Almeida stacked iPhone XS
Technology and Product Management. CTO & Head of Product ...
Face ID.
Divyansh stacked iPhone XS
UX Designer. Product Hunter 100+🎯. Figma Evangelist + Mee...
Power-packed performance and battery backup! Plus point for the awesome portrait camera.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Madison stacked iPhone XS
23. 🇧🇪/🇺🇲
Never had an iPhone before, love it because ... Apple.
heath? stacked iPhone XS
Engineer | Developer | Gamer | Dog Dad | Tweets/Opinions ...
As someone who doesn't use the camera *that* much, the 11 pro didn't seem like the right upgrade for me. XS still gets it done with easy and grace.
Julian Christian Anderson
Julian Christian Anderson stacked iPhone XS
Software Engineer. Helping people build amazing web appli...
Bought this a year ago and I love it.
Patrick K
Patrick K stacked iPhone XS
2010-2014 war ich lustiger, aber die Tweets habe ich gelö...
Upgraded to XS from 7 Plus in 2019, great phones
Felix Hüning
Felix Hüning stacked iPhone XS
Director e-commerce @nerosolutions & Founder @capjobDE li...
Was the best option price vs. value
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins) stacked iPhone XS
Head of Operations @ProductHunt / @AngelList Previously C...
I previously had the iPhone 7 Plus as I thought the larger device might be easier for work. However it was just too heavy and large for my hands for daily life. I chose the XS when I was due an upgrade purely because it was the smallest/ lightest of the newer iPhones.
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