iPhone XS Max
Welcome to the big screens
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92 people use iPhone XS Max. Do you?


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kristin ides
kristin ides stacked iPhone XS Max
i market startups. here for: product launches.
The camera bump isn't that ugly yet.
BREX stacked iPhone XS Max
I help creative professionals and their teams increase th...
I don't. It's too big for my hands. Going to downgrade to the non-max size. 😁
Laurel Link
Laurel Link stacked iPhone XS Max
I run Parabo Press - a beautiful photo printing service. ...
It's fine. The battery lasts all day most days, and the camera is pretty good.
David Champeil
David Champeil stacked iPhone XS Max
🇫🇷 Product Designer  🎾 Tennis player
Awesome screen
Bryan Philips
Bryan Philips stacked iPhone XS Max
B2B Marketing Strategist at In Motion Marketing.
Longtime apple user.
Guy Wallace
Guy Wallace stacked iPhone XS Max
Currently an Australian-based VC, taking the leap into th...
Big Apple nerd. Will upgrade this year for no valid reason.
Pietro stacked iPhone XS Max
i do stuff on the internet - engineering payments @Mollie...
I was an iOS user, then I switched to Android for a while, now I am never going back.
Alisa Silver
Alisa Silver stacked iPhone XS Max
Russian spy | Voracious reader | Avid philomath | L&D Pro...
Screen is large enough for frequent reading and takes great photographs.
kayjeiem stacked iPhone XS Max
RIOT: an emotional temper tantrum | REVOLT: a systematic ...
Its a fabulous phone, and mostly coz it fits my hand well (i have big hands) plus i've used iPhone for a while.....a long while.
Slava Dubovitsky
Slava Dubovitsky stacked iPhone XS Max
Lead Apple platforms Developer @EndelSound
The lastest one that looks pretty nice even without any cover. 👍
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