iPhone XR
Featuring the most advanced LCD in a smartphone
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Pooja Goyal
Pooja Goyal stacked iPhone XR
Digital marketing specialist
iOS features and secure
viquitorugo stacked iPhone XR
A Brazilian Tech Consultant
Easy to use and highly integrated with other Apple products
JAYDEN stacked iPhone XR
Harshith Guttikonda
Harshith Guttikonda stacked iPhone XR
its nice
Truxten Spangler
Truxten Spangler stacked iPhone XR
Busy doing nothing of consequence
It works
Exe stacked iPhone XR
perfect screen size
Deen stacked iPhone XR
Digital Connoisseur. Part of In pursuit to s...
Been using Android from the day I could remember using smartphones and Xr is my first Apple product and I have to say I'm impressed and glad that I got this device for myself.
Vincent Po
Vincent Po stacked iPhone XR
B2B marketing pro, founder of EthanHathaway & Virtual-Tre...
I've always had an iPhone, not b/c I'm an Apple Fan boy (I don't like all their products), but the iPhone just works and lasts. My sister-in-law uses Samsung & has to replace the phone every 2-3 years. I have my iPhone for 5 or more years or until it dies.
Narasingarao Kavali
Narasingarao Kavali stacked iPhone XR
simple and more interested in digital
budget phone
Lauren Eliza
Lauren Eliza stacked iPhone XR
Writer, video editor, I like to think I'm good at curatin...
The screen size is great, it feels polished in hand, and the camera is decent.
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