iPhone SE
‎A big step for small
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Andrés Yondadgkn.Matthew O'Rourke
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dgkn. stacked iPhone SE
I love Apple, and fashion.
Typing is so much easier, faster and more efficient on smaller displays.
Matthew O'Rourke
Matthew O'Rourke stacked iPhone SE
later please
form factor (not too big)
Roman stacked iPhone SE
I'll tell you about myself later ... maybe
This is the best phone ever. I don't use it anymore, but I still love it the most. I wish they'd bring back this form factor. It's the Nokia 3310 of smartphones.
Lauren Huttner
Lauren Huttner stacked iPhone SE
northwestern medill ‘24 || denver
it’s better than the blackberry i had in sixth grade...
Mathew Samuel
Mathew Samuel stacked iPhone SE
Working on the SundayGrids project; building new paradigm...
Ah man! It’s the perfect-sized phone and that industrial design is on point
Linus LAW
Linus LAW stacked iPhone SE
it support
Sassy Swank
Sassy Swank stacked iPhone SE
Dual sim
Shane Wright
Shane Wright stacked iPhone SE
Tech consultant n the healthcare finance industry
Cheap and small
Quincy Lun
Quincy Lun stacked iPhone SE
EdTech, AI & Smart Data. Team Pinky at Marblelympics #Pin...
Small, compact, easy to carry with all the essentials.
Maksim stacked iPhone SE
Hi everyone! My name is Maksim, I live and work in Samara...
Best phone
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