iPhone 8
The next generation of iPhone
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Rand AndersoneriDiPro
67 people use iPhone 8. Do you?


People that stacked iPhone 8

Mikael Staer Nathan
Mikael Staer Nathan stacked iPhone 8
Designer by day, elite triathlete by early morning.
It has a button.
Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked iPhone 8
I write a newsletter at
The small form factor has been best for me. Excited for a 5.4” iPhone 12 😀
Roger K. Beaty
Roger K. Beaty stacked iPhone 8
Futurist focused on Health, Longevity & FinTech. Retired ...
Pocket Super-Computer/Communicator
Westley Dang
Westley Dang stacked iPhone 8
PhD in neuroscience, now operations analyst at a VC.
Fits in my hand, underpowered enough to keep me off my phone.
王磊 stacked iPhone 8
Professionally Amateur
easy to use
Dr. Muedie
Dr. Muedie stacked iPhone 8
Still going strong, no need to upgrade.
Rand Anderson
Rand Anderson stacked iPhone 8
Co-founder of FrontRow Sports, CTO
Perfect form factor, hasn't let me down yet
Ella stacked iPhone 8
I am Ella
it holds everything
Dexter J.
Dexter J. stacked iPhone 8
Podcaster, Comic book writer, and front-end developer.
It works with my watch.
Indra Ganzorig
Indra Ganzorig stacked iPhone 8
Mainly @erxesHQ • Chapter Organizer @WiMLDS & @SilentBook...
Because I am already so invested, financially and emotionally, in the apple ecosystem 😬
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