iPhone 7 Plus
A larger screen and dual camera system.
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RobinMatthew P MungerIan Patterson, Socially Distant
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Ian Patterson, Socially Distant
Ian Patterson, Socially Distant stacked iPhone 7 Plus
London IT chap. Never knowingly undergeeked.
It works. And goes on working.
julyana? stacked iPhone 7 Plus
i'm cute
i just do
Tim Wheeler
Tim Wheeler stacked iPhone 7 Plus
OG bulletproof
Silicon Live
Silicon Live stacked iPhone 7 Plus - spreading sparks starting fires Sparking c...
One word; dependable!
Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones stacked iPhone 7 Plus
Developer, experimenter and machine learning practitioner...
I don't
ibrahim nabil
ibrahim nabil stacked iPhone 7 Plus
Dental student- jailbreaker - interested in cyber security
I bought when it released by Apple because of it’s dual camera system as it was the first phone to introduce portrait mode
Pavel V
Pavel V stacked iPhone 7 Plus
Music lover, Soulwax historian, aesthetic fetishist, boar...
It aged well
Anthony Young
Anthony Young stacked iPhone 7 Plus
Entrepreneur, Creative Developer, Husband, Dad, Friend, I...
Great hardware
JilaiMe stacked iPhone 7 Plus
Yogurt hoarder| Yoga newbie| bookworm| art lover | Potter...
Easy to use and minimalist
Dmitrii Pashutskii
Dmitrii Pashutskii stacked iPhone 7 Plus
👨‍💻 software engineer 🗺 nomad ...
Still, very good, don't have any particular reason to buy a new one.
teo_idtFajar Siddiq
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