iPhone 12 Pro Max
It’s a leap year.
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Hassan El-Amin ツ
Hassan El-Amin ツ stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Software Developer + Artist
Heidi Helen Pilypas
Heidi Helen Pilypas stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
I design apps. Lover of all things Apple. Designer and Co...
This is my current shiny object that seems to be permanently attached to my hand. I like it because it’s shiny and allows me to enter into the world of apps I so love.
Emcado | امکادو
Emcado | امکادو stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
💥Emcado, a professional store builder and modern marketin...
Because it has a powerful processor.
Emcado | امکادو
Jayson Ac
Jayson Ac stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Designer based in📍Bay Area, CA. Current affinity for auto...
Apple Eco-system
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Norwegian noob solopreneur that will quit 9-5 to live off...
Not a massive upgrade on 11 Pro Max but it is a bloody good phone.
MCD ® stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
I collect Blu-rays, Gadgets, Tech, Home Cinema and Apple ...
Size, the older but newer form factor, off the chain processing speed and widgets, but lets not forget the safe, secure and amazing iOS
Solène Oudet
Solène Oudet stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Entrepreneur. Passionate about building products that imp...
It takes amazing pictures. Very good battery.
Manisha Vaswani
Manisha Vaswani stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Assistant Professor | Storyteller
Simple user interface and out of habit
Kyle Steinmeyer
Kyle Steinmeyer stacked iPhone 12 Pro Max
Buying & starting internet businesses.
Powerful phone with a huge screen.
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