iPhone 12 Pro
It's a leap year.
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Alvin Locic
Alvin Locic stacked iPhone 12 Pro
A product designer that has built design systems from the...
I prefer iOS over Android.
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell stacked iPhone 12 Pro
(they/them) NYU ‘23. Hacktivist, designer, JS developer, ...
Best camera, love the new design, display is the perfect size.
Rey Alejandro
Alex Fromm
Alex Fromm stacked iPhone 12 Pro
Designer at Microsoft
Hadn't upgraded in a while so loving the camera and MagSafe.
WRLD Tech Consultancy
WRLD Tech Consultancy stacked iPhone 12 Pro
WRLD Tech Co. is a technology and marketing consulting fi...
The latest and greatest
Easy to use
Spencer ODell
Spencer ODell stacked iPhone 12 Pro
I’m a designer who's super curious about the world. In ad...
As Tina Turner says, "[it's] simply the best, better than all the rest."
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