iPhone 11 Pro
And then there was Pro.
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Ravi Nuxoll
Ravi Nuxoll stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Encephalography, cyber security, photovoltaics, artificia...
Didn’t put much thought into getting anything other than an iPhone
The World as Trill & Representation
The World as Trill & Representation stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Marketing Science (AI | ML | Product) • Books • Humane Te...
Size, power, capabilities; ready integration with Apple Watch, MBPs
eryc stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Can't beat that green.
Chris Gregori
Chris Gregori stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Senior Developer by trade & hobbyist indie creator workin...
Great UX, great battery life, best in class apps
Lady IP Freeleigh
Lady IP Freeleigh stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Design. Build. Bake.
I don’t. Haha! It’s huge.
Parker Ehret
Parker Ehret stacked iPhone 11 Pro
UX and Product Designer
Best phone available stacked iPhone 11 Pro
✨ keeps all his LEDs lit 💡 was once described as "a snack...
Shortcuts and seemless interop with macOS.
Andy Laken
Andy Laken stacked iPhone 11 Pro
Open source and decentralization – governed by human valu...
Screen, build quality, fast as hell, true all day batter life, iOS
Ermin KadićPASCAL TIEMANNMedet Mamyrov
Tanmay Kanth
Tanmay Kanth stacked iPhone 11 Pro
UIUC|ΖΩΩΜ| Living Life💯| 🇳🇬🇮🇳🇺🇸 Currently on my way to a mil...
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