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iPhone 11 Pro
A transformative tripleā€‘camera system that adds tons of capability without complexity
M...KarlHector Castro
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DailyTekkĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
The camera system on this phone plays a role in my "pro video" lineup that nothing else can replace. This + airdrop = YES!
Pankaj Jain
Pankaj JainĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Co-Crafter Founder Craft. Operator,advisor,investorā€Š. Sta...
Incredible camera(s) for 4k video and photos, fast and the battery life is just insane. Sometimes I don't charge this beast for 2 days (not taking many photos or videos on those days).
ssiegĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
early adopter, IT Integration, social media geek, gamer, ...
Camera and battery life
Puran P
Puran PĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
i mainly bought this because of the camera. The battery is much improved.
Jonathan Mumley
Jonathan MumleyĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Campus Pastor at New Heights Church
Best product out there. Also, the Apple ecosystem. Once you're in, you're IN.
Taha Broach
Taha BroachĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Always fascinated! šŸ„³ Probably not related to Genghis Khan.
It has an amazing screen, a durable battery, splendid design, and worthy cameras.
Love it just because of Camera
Business in Notion
Business in NotionĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Tech Matchmaker for growing businesses who are trying to ...
Minimalistic, and keeps outta my way!
Mike Stevens
Mike StevensĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
Senior Producer @car_advice, @drivecomau | Graphic design...
I was a longtime android user, and I still love it, but Iā€™ve seen the light.
tcĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11 Pro
probably overthinking
I prefer the smaller size, fits better in my pockets and itā€™s easier to reach anywhere on the screen.
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