ipad pro 2020
The most advanced iPad ever, by Apple
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Sassy Swank
Sassy SwankĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
It's just the right size for content creation & watching video, and works so well as an additional screen (i keep email open on it when i use with mu MBP)
Antonio Salgado
Antonio SalgadoĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Brand psychologist & digital strategy,Country manager at ...
it is almos like ma other computer
Aalsi Baba
Aalsi BabaĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Doug.Ā stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Quixotic. Through and through. All opinions are my own, n...
It's a window to the world, a movie player, a podcast listener, an image viewer. A simple $12 stand and an elevated monitor improved my setup 10,000%
Nitin R Gupta
Nitin R GuptaĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Dude who likes to code & design stuff.
Hands down, the best piece of digital hardware I've owned. It feels like future, holding a piece of the display with the amazing form factor.
Adith Rai
Adith RaiĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
The only thing stopping me from switching to it completely is the lack of Xcode. The 120Hz screen is an absolute delight to use especially when paired with the Apple Pencil
Geet Duggal
Geet DuggalĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Iā€™m a software engineer, computational biologist, and tec...
Great to consume media with high quality screen and battery but capable for productivity when needed
Medet Mamyrov
Medet MamyrovĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
computer science student interested in discovering new to...
Retaining and keeping my notes organized has never been easier. It's great for productivity and leisure. I enjoy using it as a secondary display to my macbook pro.
Pratik Gandhi
Pratik GandhiĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Growing @Covalent_HQ. Previously Growth @NEARProtocol. E...
Way better than the earlier versions. It allows me to use specific apps in a sense only meant for iPad -- Notability, Procreate, Kindle, Netflix, Pinterest, etc. The bigger screen-size also acts as a second screen.
Feyza Okumuş
Feyza OkumuşĀ stackedĀ ipad pro 2020
Research-driven Designer, currently @parasutcom; Co-organ...
My lil hero
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