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Jose IglesiasLester Chanfullyredditor
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fullyredditor stacked iPad Pro
A true redditor, IEL & BOUN
My work and personal computer now is this capable machine. The only big problem is the external monitor support.
ruchi stacked iPad Pro
Building communities at Bevy. Nittany lion for life!
My personal computer, tv, book, canvas, notebook, editing studio, all rolled up into one dang nice looking piece of tech :hearteyes:
tom ross
tom ross stacked iPad Pro
Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management...
I have the 2018 version and I don't use it as much as I used to since I bought my MBP. Prior to that I was treating it like a laptop or for when I needed a screen bigger than my phone. Great that it operates as a second screen when required too!
Vince NguyenAaron
Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen stacked iPad Pro
@google, @unlockfm podcast host, tech enthusiast, stoicis...
An absolute boost to personal productivity. The iPad is the perfect middle ground between my laptop and smartphone. It's the ideal form factor for notetaking (w/ the Pencil), reading/annotating newsletters/books/PDFs and the occasional writing sessions (without laptop clutters)
Benoit ChambonPASCAL TIEMANNJuan Broullon
Neo Zhang
Neo Zhang stacked iPad Pro
strategy head @ zhihu / writer @getptplus
Always start fresh with a new note. Fastest way to start jotting down my thoughts.
Platform Thinking +
Platform Thinking + stacked iPad Pro
A guide to the world of platforms.
My primary reading + note-taking tool.
Kyle Hess
Kyle Hess stacked iPad Pro
Product @VeteransUnited
The technology is finally good enough that this can replace my notebook for handwriting, and still take it with me wherever. If I’m not at my desk, I use my iPad.
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