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Arthur Mor
Arthur Mor stacked Intercom
A lawyer turned Product Manager with an extensive Fintech...
Simple to interact with our users in real-time
Rory Hughes
Rory Hughes stacked Intercom
worked there
Chromabill stacked Intercom
A personal finance application designed to accelerate a h...
Super easy to engage with customers and answer any of their questions.
Agnes stacked Intercom
I'm a product geek who likes to discover new things.
easy chat
Henry Shapiro
Henry Shapiro stacked Intercom
Founder @ ReclaimAI. Rap aficionado.
Keeps me super close to our users.
Adam Roussos
Adam Roussos stacked Intercom
Founder of Backdrop, changing the way sales is done for g...
Intercom basically runs the customer engagement from our website. We can't live without it.
amogh stacked Intercom
Product @
It's a real game changer for how you interact with customers. It makes your business come 'alive' when you see users appear and reach out to you to chat. It's really handy to do it all in one place.
kosh╦Ö ═ť╩č╦Ö
kosh╦Ö ═ť╩č╦Ö┬ástacked┬áIntercom
Product designer at Forza FC, reinventing football member...
Pioneers at user communication
Jo Pattabiraman
Jo Pattabiraman stacked Intercom
Founder of Grow Fit
It integrates with everything!
Kamil Rejent
Kamil Rejent stacked Intercom
CEO @ Survicate
Awesome product
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