A simple tool for saving web pages to read later
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Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked Instapaper
Family 1st, then businessman. I write about B2B SaaS grow...
I only read web pages in Evernote or Instapaper. A simple tool for saving web pages to read later on computer or iPhone. Highlight, note taking feature automatically serves notes directly to Evernote.
Klint Ramdass
Klint Ramdass stacked Instapaper
Product Manager, Tech Nerd, Music Geek, Husband, Dad. Opi...
My go-to read it later app for years. Tried all the others and I keep coming back to Instapaper because it’s UI and features prioritize reading above all else.
Steve stacked Instapaper
Entrepreneur, Investor, gambler. Hated by bookies. Will b...
Great to save articles to read later
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Instapaper
days → @firstmarkcap | nights → alum of → @...
If I want to read a long article without all of the ad distractions or native UI, I'll save it to Instapaper to read later. Super simple and effective product.
Aadil Ali
Aadil Ali stacked Instapaper
Side project-ing until one becomes a main project / 17 / ...
- one style for all my reading feels easy on the eyes - offline reading - feels much less cluttered than chrome bookmarks or emailing/messaging myself posts
Feyza Okumuş
Feyza Okumuş stacked Instapaper
Research-driven Designer, currently @parasutcom; Co-organ...
Enjoying their reading mode
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson stacked Instapaper
Skip the bio until I understand the app guy.
Track and highlight all the articles I'm interested in.
Abhineet Kumar
Abhineet Kumar stacked Instapaper
Consult senior leaders (CEO, CFO, and President offices) ...
Bookmarking to read it later
Benoît Tallandier
Benoît Tallandier stacked Instapaper
CEO @twake, collaborative 💻, secure 🔑 platform for teamwo...
Keep all article I want to read in one place. With the extension, it is super easy to save some content
Evan Sims
Evan Sims stacked Instapaper
Human. Being. Full stack developer. Coffee snob. Thinks a...
Been using it as my read later bookmarking service for years. Often imitated by never duplicated. Clean, simple, a joy to use.
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