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Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira stacked Inoreader
Just a guy who loves tech!
Simple and beautiful way to organize your feeds and stay tuned with your news. And i am using for a little time but it’s a daily app for me.
Niscs stacked Inoreader
It's gave me very well RSS reading experience. Free plan is enough for reading vast amount news.
Bibin Mohan
Bibin Mohan stacked Inoreader
Developer, software, husband, dad, home tutor
Best feed reader. Email subscription added recently.
jake stacked Inoreader
exploring the intersection of #design and #technology
I like it so far
Kevin Molloy
Kevin Molloy stacked Inoreader
Exec Producer & Director in VR, Film & Digital. Director ...
I don’t yet pay, and it still works well. Long love RSS.
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks stacked Inoreader
Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fa...
The RSS reader for power users. Well worth paying for.
Brandon stacked Inoreader
Just for news
Seems to parse articles better and with a better success rate.
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