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An #OpenSource vector drawing app for Windows, MacOS & Linux. Similar to Illustrator, always free for everyone! (Header CC-BY-SA ❤️ @ridjam)
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A powerful, free, cross-platform and open-source vector graphics editor. I use it to design logos, icons, and any other graphics that I need. The recent Inkscape 1.0 update brought a lot of awesome new features as well, particularly for Mac users.
Charles-Eugene Loubao
Charles-Eugene Loubao stacked Inkscape
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Easy to use vector graphics tool.
Kenneth Frantzen
Kenneth Frantzen stacked Inkscape
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I love Inkscape so much! It is really fun to work with, and it has all the features anyone could ask for. This is the most creativity inspiring piece of software I know of.
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In a world where illustrator costs way too much, Inkscape is one of the better alternatives for making quick designs and vector images to enhance the work I do. It's open source and constantly being tweaked so that's always a plus
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