IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
Hand crank work desk
MustafaJuan CifrianCalcutta Puri
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Mustafa stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
Software Engineer!
Very reliable and overall good for the price
Juan Cifrian
Juan Cifrian stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online tea...
I like my adjustable standing desks the way I like my coffee grinders: Manual ☕️
Shiv stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
Make, break & ship 🚀 @facebook Also tinkering @askwonderb...
Beautiful and functional standing desk
Trevor Murphy
yuriceschin stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
CTO & Founder CHECKBONUS - UTOPOS - Digital Designer and ...
A cheap standing desk, robust and in different sizes. Perfect!
Akaash Nanda
Akaash Nanda stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
think | experiment | learn operating at intersections fr...
Cheap and to the point. Makes standing desks an affordable, ergonomic luxury!
Cheap, functional and it saves my back
Alyssa Tamayo
Alyssa Tamayo stacked IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk
Software Engineer with a Creative Energy! Motivated by th...
Essential to any home office! It makes working remotely ergonomic and relatively affordable.
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